11 Steps To A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ad

Are you running Facebook ad and finding it difficult to create a successful campaign?

When running a Facebook ad campaign there are some factors that you need to consider to become successful in your Facebook ad so that you can increase your list and also make more sales.

In this article you will be learning some key points you need to take to be able to run a successful Facebook ad campaign and from there scale through.

One thing about Facebook is that you can use the platform to advertise what ever kind of business. Either is affiliate marketing or starting an eCommerce business, Facebook will get the job done.

The recent addition of Facebook ad has given business owners another CPC option for their advertising. The difference in this is a much more affordable option than say Google ads. Now is a good time to walk you through the 10 steps to setup your Facebook ad campaign.

#1 Create Your Ad

After you log into your Facebook account, look at the top right of your browser and you’ll see the ‘Create an Ad’ green button. Click it and you’re ready to start.

#2 Choose What to Advertise

You have many options. You can promote applications, URLs, domains, place, events. websites, Etc. Lets say you want to drive traffic to your landing page or maybe you want to get more ‘likes’ for your Facebook page. You can choose which objectives you want to run ad for.

#3 Use Audience Insight To Target The Right People

When running a Facebook ad, one of the most important thing is for you to target the right people for your ad. This makes sure that those you target can respond successfully to your ad. The wrong target can lead to a higher CPC and low click through rate. Use the audience insight tool on Facebook to help you target your real audience.

#4 Set Your Ad Up

You will need to write a short copy and then confirm the URL. Your ad preview will display (right side) so you can see what your ad will look like live. Some types of ads don’t require ad copy.

#5 Target Your Geographic Area

Choose the geographic region you want your ad to run in. Pay attention to the box that says ‘within ’10, 25, 50 miles of your region. Choose the appropriate one for your target market.

#6 Target by Age & Gender

Choose the age and gender you want to see your ad. Make sure to unchecked the box on the right, otherwise Facebook takes the liberty of showing your ad to a similar target market but not what you defined.

#7 Target the Precise Interests of Your Ad

Target users based on their ethical background, interests, status, hobbies, etc. Define the exact interests. If the specific interest you want to target in your Facebook ad is not shown within the broad target, you can type in the keyword that’s most relevant and Facebook will show you the closest options.  You can also use broad categories. It’s amazing just how much control you have.

#8 Target Your Ad Based on Connection

While you are able to target by age, geography, interests, etc. Facebook also offers ad targeting that is based on your connections, for example, you can target people that are connected to your business page/specific app. You can even target their friends.

#9 Setup Your Pricing and Objective

This is a little trickier. If you aren’t careful when you set this up, instead of charging you on the CPC (Cost Per Click) Facebook will charge your campaign on CPM pricing, which is the cost per 1000 times your ad displays. If you like CPM and that’s what you want that’s great, but too many people are surprised to discover their budget has disappeared and they have only a handful of clicks, because they didn’t understand what they chose.

#10 Review Your Ad

Before you take your Facebook ad live, check everything over and make sure it’s exactly what you want.

#11 Launch Your Ad

You did it. Your Facebook ad is ready to launch. Click the blue button ‘Place Order,’ and your ad will go live. Now you need to keep watching your Facebook ad so that your budget is being used well and remember you can tweak along the way.

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