Five Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Ecommerce Business


Starting ecommerce business

What does it take to start an eCommerce business?

Ecommerce business has being one of the highly profitable business now in Nigeria and the rest of the world in this 21st century.

It has made many who are willing to start making money online with a low budget to begin earning substantial amount of money for themselves.

But to start an eCommerce business in this 21st century can be a lot cumbersome except you can have the right mentor or tutor to take you by the hand to succeeding in the eCommerce business.

Before anyone will decide to go into an eCommerce business, such a person must first of all know the pros and cons when starting an eCommerce business.

Here in this article I will be talking about the mistakes to avoid when starting an eCommerce business.

#1. Finding the wrong product to sell

This can be very confusing and difficult for those who are really getting started in this business. Many newbies find it very difficult to actually look for the right kind of product to sell to their audiences.

You might get a product which you think might be profitable for your audience and might also yield high profit for you, but by the time you ship it to the country and you run an advert to your audience, you will discover that nobody is ordering or you might likely get one or two sales which is not profitable for your business.

So, getting the right product for your market audience is vital and that can only be done when you do the right research. Doing the right research avoids you from getting the wrong product to sell to your customers.

When anyone who want to venture into eCommerce business, the very first step to do is to do a research on trending products that your market audience will need and purchase, giving you the profit you need.

#2. Sourcing for expensive products from china.

This is another problem one should avoid when going into eCommerce business.

How can you get cheap products from china? This one question was what one of my students asked me.

Now to get cheap products from china is as easy at it sounds but many don’t know how to go about it.

There are sites like aliexpress, alibaba, where you can search for highly valuable products that are cheap and you can ship to the country to sell.

When you are able to get cheap products to import and sell, your profit margins will be high and your expenses will reduce and this helps your business to grow strong.

But what if there are sites that actually gives you a more cheaper products to purchase?

It has been discovered that a site such as can give you a very cheap price on any kind of product you want to get. When it comes to getting a really cheap product from 1688, you have to do a serious research because when looking for a product on 1688, you actually have to go deep using so many methods and technics to getting the product of your choice and a cheap one for that.

If you have to source for a cheap product, you can do that by going to 1688, but first do your research on sites like aliexpress, get the product title and image and use them to do your research on 1688.

#3. Using the wrong shipping company

This mistake can really jeopardizes ones eCommerce business. Can you imagine sourcing for products you know that will sell and importing them to Nigeria and later you discovered that the importing company you use are scrap or they incure higher shipping rates.

A particular incident happened to me with my shipping company. I actually imported a liquid product to sell and after processing every document to ship the product into the country it was ceased by custom officers.

And what they charged me to pay for the release of my product was even more than what I used to purchase my products. So, using the wrong shipping company can crumble you business and you will lose in your business.

Companies like NBC, ESP are good companies you can reach out to ship your goods safely to the country without any interruption from the custom officers and damages to the products.

#4.  Advertising to the wrong audience

Now you have source for your products, gotten a cheaper one and now you have imported it to the country to sell.

What next after you have brought them to the country, is to sell the product.

Selling the product is where you get the profits from your products you sell and from your business you have set up.

Where do you now sell your products.

One of the best place to sell your products is using social media platform and that is Facebook. Facebook is one of the best place to sell your products and earn big in eCommerce business. But many find it very difficult to use Facebook to advertise their products and make more money.

Facebook has 18million Nigerian users and if you are good in advertising on Facebook, think of the advantage you have because you will be advertising to 18million Facebook users all at ones.

The secret to making huge profit in your eCommerce business using Facebook is when you can target the right audience that are in real need of your products. When you are able to get this right making huge profit with eCommerce business will be very easy.

Always put in mind that to have a successful eCommerce business after every other thing has been gotten and done, the next thing is to find your target audience to sell your product at a huge profit.

#5. Handling customer support service

When doing an eCommerce business never forget to always have a good and efficient customer support because with this your business will grow and profit.

Many eCommerce business forget to have this and customers complain about it, that is what cause their business to crumbled. It is very essential for an eCommerce business to have this in place because most time customers make complains and they need support and advice on what they should do for solution.

This is the reason why so many eCommerce business will succeed and so many will fail. A good eCommerce business should have a good support system which will actually bring satisfaction to their customers.

These are most of the mistakes that a newly eCommerce business goes through. If you want to venture into an eCommerce business that is profitable and to avoid all these mistakes, there is a training video that reveals every step from A-Z. This training will show you how you can successfully run an eCommerce business and not lose from it.

To watch the training video, you need to fill the from below to get access to it. In the training video you are going to learn the followings:

1. How to successfully run and build an eCommerce business that brings in 10x profit.
2. How to effectively do research to know the right product your audience will need and buy from you.
3. How to source out cheap products from a reliable source to import from.
4. How to look for a reliable shipping company that will deliver your product to your door step at cheap price.
5. How to successfully run Facebook advert to sell your products.
6. And much more.

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