How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

What does it take to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Making money online with affiliate marketing is a business model that is very effective and yield results.

Many try to make money online but they find it very difficult to know the how to. This is because they don’t know what kind of business to venture into or where to start from.

When it comes to online business, there are so many ways one can make money online. There are different businesses you can start from to begin making money online.  In this post I will be discussing on one of the type of online business you can start with to start making money online immediately.

This type of business is called affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the different types of online business that you can use to start making money online. It’s a business model whereby you become an affiliate for an affiliate company such as clickbank, JVzoo, expertnaire and you earn a commission by selling their products listed in their platforms. It is also an easy online business that anyone can start with and start making money instantly.

In affiliate marketing, you become the affiliate while the affiliate company who has the products are called the merchants.

The affiliate companies are the ones that have a list of products in their platforms which you can select from and promote thereby you making a commission on every sale you make.

Affiliate marketing commissions are paid in percentage. Some affiliates pay 40%, 50%, 70% even 100%.

Let’s say for example you sign up into an affiliate program, you choose a product that sells for N25,000 and their percentage commission is 50%.

If you make a sale you will earn a commission of N12,500.

The sale of the product is splited. One part is to the affiliates who promotes the product and make sales and the other half to the affiliate company or the creator of the product.

How to start as an affiliate marketer.

#1. Search for affiliate programs you can sign up to. Some are paid and some are free.

There are different types of affiliate programs such as clickbank, JVzoo, Paydotcom, expertnaire.

Expertnaire is a Nigerian affiliate program, you can sign up there while the rest are foreign affiliate. We are going to be using expertnaire for example.

#2. Fill in your profile and bank statement

This is important because it shows your details and bank information. The bank information is for them to make payments to you once you have made a sale.

Without your bank details you can’t get paid. No matter how much you have made as commission you will be paid that amount into your account.

#3. Get your affiliate links

The only way you can make commission is by promoting your affiliate link.

Through your affiliate link the platform is able to detect where the sales is coming from, who is buying the product, and whose affiliate link it is.

Once you get your link you can promote it in anyway you like and you can use social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Before you can promote any affiliate link, you should first of all shorten the link so as to avoid your affiliate link being copied.

You can use the free platform to shorten your affiliate link and use to promote. Don’t worry, the affiliate platform will still track your sales and where it is coming from.

It is from the product selection you have chosen, can you get your affiliate link from.

Once you select the product you want to promote, your affiliate link will pop out from there, then you can copy it on your note pad to promote it.

#4. Promote your link

When you have gotten your link, its time for you to promote your link.

There are different ways to promote your links.

You can promote your link on your blog if you have a blog, on social media like Instagram and Facebook, on blog advertising platforms etc.

Right now the most useful and popular place people advertise their products is on Facebook.

You can create a Facebook page and use Facebook ad to promote your link.

Using Facebook is a profitable way to promote your affiliate link because right now Facebook has up to 18 million Nigerian users.

If you want to learn how to use Facebook to promote your links, by learning how to target properly to the right target audience to buy your product, you can check out this training course.

To know how to set up a successful Facebook ad campaign, read it all in this post.

#5. Build a sales funnel for increase in profit

The only way you can make 10x profit in affiliate marketing is when you are able to build a successful sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a step layout created by you that takes your prospect right from when they click your link to the end of the funnel to build trust, a relationship, and engagement that will attract more sales to you.

The sales funnel has different step process it passes through.
a. The squeeze page
b. The thank you page
c. The autoresponder
d. The email Follow-ups
e. The sales page
f. The payment form.

This are the steps to take to making an increase in your sales through affiliate marketing.

The process of a sales funnel is another topic on its own watch out for its post soon.

The benefits of making money online with affiliate marketing

1. You don’t need to create your own product before you start making money. The product is already created and you have to pick a product of your choice and start promoting.

2. You don’t need to invest in any capital to start. What you have to do is register with an affiliate program and get started.

3. You don’t need to set up any funnels to begin. This aspect is a choice. If you are a beginner you don’t need this, but if you are an advance learner, this can be easy for you.

For the beginner, you don’t need any of this technical stuff because all is set in the platform.

4. You don’t need to track your sales. The affiliate platform does all these. They have an inbuilt system that helps you track your sales and your commission. So you don’t need to bother about that.

5. You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing if you haven’t made any money online before.

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