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Dear friend,

Here is a quick question for you?

1. Have you been struggling to crack the code on how to start making money online?

2. Have you been trying so many means to actually break that financial problem you are facing?

3. Have you bought so many make money online courses and yet nothing still works?

4. Have you sat down and run Facebook ads just to get a sale but could not after spending so much on advert?


I could feel your pain. Is not that easy, because I have actually been in such situation, that I have bought a course worth N30,000 and up till now I don’t even have access to the product because I was shut out from the platform without reasonable explanation.

Even to the extent their customer support were not replying to my complains.

Since you are reading this letter and to be honest I won’t waste much of your time telling long stories and facts because I am here to go straight to the point. So, I want you to continue reading.

What am about to reveal to you is what will change your life for the better because I am going to be revealing to you the 5 step formula I discovered that I have used and am still using today to rake me the money in my bank account through making money online just with a laptop and an internet connection.

But first, how would you love to earn money like this.

Yes, I sure believe you want to be relief from the so called rat race of a 9 to 5 day job.

Before I show you the way to making such money let me briefly give you a background of myself.

This will show you why you need to listen to me and to what I want to reveal to you.

My name is Samson, I am a digital marketing expert and before I got to where I am, I have been struggling to meet my needs and that of my family for 3 years now.

I lost both my parents as the first son and since then life hasn’t been easy and I have younger ones to carter for.

The little job I was doing wasn’t even enough to cater for me talk less of my family. The embarrassment was too much because of the frequent lending of money just to have something that will keep me going.

I had to leave my job because the woman I was working with was using my talent for her selfish gain.

Can you imagine a graduate earning N18,000 a month. That’s a shame and I was working for an airline company.

With all this problems and the situation in the country, I had to look for a better means and that is how I got into internet marketing.

With the half spoilt laptop my friend gave me, I managed to repair it and I began looking for job placements.

My search was not in vain because along my search for a job, I was always stumbling at ads about becoming rich by making money online.

Anyway I wasn’t giving much attention to such scam because I have heard how people were scammed by such ads.

As I continue seraching for job offers, I was much interrupted by this ads that I just had to sign in to one of them.

As time went on I began receiving emails that seems interesting and tips of possible ways people make money online.

My interest began to increase that seeking for a job was no longer the focus.

This made me be on my laptop for days, sometimes at night even to the next morning.

I was totally obssessed with my laptop and research that I began learning and studying some important terms in the make money online industry.

Because of this most of my money went into buying products online, some which were scam while some actually enlightened my knowledge.

I never gave up because of the hype of scammy products but I remained focused to achieving my goal and to changing my financial situation. In-fact a man has to take risks before he can reach the top to becoming successful.

With all my research and study, I adopted a 5 step formula that I have used and implemented that has made me money steady online.

I have tried this method over and over again and even perfected it that it will work on any particular niche or field anyone is involved.

So, let me take you through the 5 step formula I have used over and over again that gives me the result you are seeing now.

This five step formula is what I call the income cash flow system.

Is a system that when you apply it, you will be amazed at the outcome and the way your bank account will grow. 🙂

Stay with me here. Here are the steps.

1. Look for a problem or what people want.

This actually means searching for a human need. The pain points of a person you want to focus on.

For example lets say you take a niche such as the health and fitness niche and you analysis the problem associated to that niche that a particular person will be facing.

Now problems associated to such niche could be diabetics, weight loss, fabriod, low ejaculation etc.

These are problems people face in their lives.

Also, problems like marriage, getting the right spouse, having the girl you want, marriage counselling, this are also problems faced by people and this problems are referred in the relationship niche.

So, the first thing to do is for you to look for a problem that is associated to people.

This is where the secret to making money is.

2. Create a solution to that problem.

There is one statement I like to say and that is people will always gravitate to where solutions to their problem is.

When you have found a problem which is associated to a person or group of people, the next thing to do is for you to create a solution product which you can actually sell.

Now you may be wondering how do you create a product to sell.

When it comes to making money online, what you need is something to sell and that is a product.

The exact product to sell is what they call information product or digital product in the online business world.

So, the kind of solution product you are to create is an information product in the form of an eBook.

All you need to do is look for solution points and step by step guide to solving the problem you choose and turn it into an eBook which is a readable format for people to download and read when they buy from you.

3. Create a simple website to collect subscribers or customers data.

You can’t make money when there is nobody to buy from you. This is the reason for the one single website page.

This is a page that captures the name and email address of those who are interested in your product.

This is because when you have this data, you are able to sell more and more products to come.

Creating a single website is that easy.

Some people use whatsapp if they are not able to create a website and they make a killing out of it.

So, having a customer base data is important in your business because this are the people that are going to buy from you over and over again.

4. Get this people to see what you are offering.

This is what is called traffic, which means having the right people that are willing to buy your product and see what you are offering.

Since we are dealing with online business, lets say for example you are selling your product for just N3,500 and a total number of 500 visited your website and 200 filled gave you their data. Out of the 200 lets say 50 where interested in your product.

How much do you think you will earn? Do the math.

5. Start selling.

The skill of selling is very important, for without that you can’t make money both online and offline.

So you must be able to sell your product to your customers for you to start making money.

Do you see what am talking about?

If you are able to follow this five simple step formula, I guarantee you that you will start seeing the result you wish to see.

Do you know that some people don’t think this will work and the reason is that their minds have been clouded. They don’t believe in the methods used. They are just angry with people like us who make money and they can’t just see themselves making such.

I don’t blame such people but to keep laughing at them because if they are not will to practice and put to action the most simple method for them to escape form the financial situation they are in, they will still be where they are even till 10 years to come.

As the bible will say “the god of this world(satan) has blinded their minds thats why the children of isreal could not experence the full blessings of God”.

Don’t let the negative thoughts and mindset you are hearing deny you from experience the breakthrough in your life.

Why is this, is because their mindset has been corrupted and they don’t see themselves free from poverty.

To be honest, if you think you can’t achieve this by following what I have revealed to you, you can as well leave this site.

I have really done my research and keep implementing this methods and I am willing to help those who are willing to change their financial situation around.

This is the reason I have compiled the full steps and methods for even a newbie to apply and start making money online.

Is it to start a profitable online business?

With what I have reaveled in this training course, it will not only help you build a solid business online, but will help you sustain it till you are fulfilled in making the money you want.

I named this course:


Here Is what You Are Going To Be Learning

  • How to build a real successful online business from scratch. This is one important aspect you need to succeed in for you to make your life better. This is also a problem why many don’t make money online.
  • How to easily set up your automated online business platform with ease.
  • How to instantly attract customers to your business who are willing to buy and pay for your product and services. This is the goldmine to your business success.
  • How to build a simple one page website that attracts your customers to you like a magnet without you doing anything.
  • How to effectively run a successful Facebook ad that doesn’t let Facebook banned your account.
  • How to write an effective and compelling sales page that automatically persuades your customers to stay glue at your product wanting to buy.
  • I will show you how to grow your leads to your offers and cause them to cling to you and always ask you for whatever offer you have for them anytime.
  • I will give you an amazing software that you can use to build your website for you to attract customers and make sales for your online business.
  • You will learn the Technics guru marketers use to actually persuade their customer into buying anything they offer to them.
  • You will be amaze at this. You will be shown the one strategy method that has brought in 500k to a million naira in  a month on auto pilot.

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  • A thorough walk through from A to Z on how you can run a highly successful Facebook adverts that constantly and consistently makes you money when people come to your ad. This is a special video training course by one of Facebook great expert. Don’t miss this.
  • If you have heard of copy-writing this for you. You will definitely learn how to write amazing sales copy. Even I will give you a step guide on how to totally draft your copy for instant taking action.
  • Know this thing. That there is a formula every successful online marketer use to make their money online. I will reveal to you this 5 step formula that makes every online marketer successful.
  • I will be giving a full awesome bonus package that will make you money fast once you access the package.
  • How would you love to start making dollars. I will be giving you a training course that will show you how to make your first $100 online.

Now as I have said I am willing to expose this secret to those willing to take action and want to be part of my tribe.

So, whan the countdown time reaches 0 (zero), this offer will be brought down and I don’t know when I will bring it on the scence again.

If you are that person who is willing to take that first step to changing your finacial situation, I don’t need to plead with you because you are on the right track.

One more thing for those who are willing to take their first action there is a great bonus attached to this offer.

This bonus are going to help you fast move your success and make you money very fast.

It will help you in fulfilling your goals online together with having the INCOME CASH FLOW SYSTEM course.

Here are the bonuses you will get:


Highly effective software that helps you build your website with just a click.

All you need to do is just drag and drop and your website will be up and running.

This is the same software I and other internet gurus are using and it is valued for $97. This you will have for free.



A-Z walk through on how to run facebook ads and how to profit from it.

Facebook is the most highly used social media to run traffic to your website that helps you convert prospects to buy form you.

You will be having this Facebook traffic course for free so you can drive targeted customer to your website and begining making sale.



Affiliate Revival is a full video course that will take you through on how to make your first $100 online using Facebook. 

Kobi the founder of this cause will take you through the entire process of making your first dollar. Also, you can use his method to make a killing in the Nigeria market. You have  to watch the video. Don’t miss out.

These great bonus is only applicable for those who are fast action takers and remember that when the countdown time hits zero, there will be no more time again.

I know what is really going on in the minds of those who are skeptical about this.

You are asking yourself whether will this work, is this a scam. I have fallen into many scammers, I don’t think I can afford this price, I will get it later, I don’t have the money now, is still the same old method I have been hearing people talk about etc.

I once had this same thoughts when I was actually looking for ways to change my financial situation and do you know what that thought ended me into.

I was still poor and poor and poor. I was still in the same position I was rather than taking the first step to my financial success.

I kept prosponing my buying of successful products until the offers were pulled down and I couldn’t get them again.

I kept telling myself that I will get it later until the price actually went through the roof that I could not be able to get it again when I should at first.

I kept telling myself will it work, until I discovered others who actually applied the same methods when they buy the product and I wasn’t able to get the product and still at the same position I am.

Also, I kept blaming this people who were really willing to help me, calling them scammers until my thought scammed me by believing that they were scammers which they were not.

After all this, I was still in the same position I was. I was begging, poor and no improvement.

This happen overed a period of a year, until I got a hold of myself and begin to change my mindset.

Until that time, I am happy I took the right decision.

Am not saying this for you to buy this product, but I assure you that you will continue to remain where you are with no progress at all, just the same way I was when I believed that scammy thoughts by my negative mindset.

You might not make money, you might not fulfill the goals you wanted, you might not get the luxurious lifestyle you needed, you might just remain in the same position you are for a long time.

Pardon my words, but that is the real truth because it happened to me too when I never did anything for a whole year.

Now if you are still in the thinking stage of what to do, just remember that the time is ticking.

And to keep you well secured I am giving you my guarantee seal of a 14 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Who Needs This Course

1. This course is meant for those who are willing to change their financial situation around and not for those who don’t want to.
2. This course is meant for those who are willing to apply the methods reveal to them to change their circumstances and not those who are lazy not to do anything.
3. This course is meant for those who are willing to take fast action step and not those who are still having battles with their thoughts.
4. This course is meant for those who want to fire their boss and make a living online and not for those who still believe in the 9-5 day job. 🙁

Remember, as you make your order, you are going to receive the great fast bonuses that will help you instantly build your business faster.

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