CASE STUDY: How A Single Mother With 2 Kids Made A Profit Of N500,000 In Her Ecommerce Business With A Capital Of N10,000

Building a business and making money from it now in Nigeria can be cumbersome but I have discovered that there are people who are really making it big time in their business.

One of the businesses that is now thriving in Nigeria is the eCommerce business.

Young guys and ladies even with single mothers are taking advantage of this thriving business.

Here is a story of a single mother of how she used the sum of N10,000 to make a profit of N500,000.

This is her story

Anita is 35 years of age and a mother of 2 kids. Her children: Angel is 7 yrs and David is 4 yrs.

She was happily married until the deadly incidence of divorce came into her family. She tried fighting it but to no victory.

Her husband never needed her attention and company as a wife again. This broke her heart and made her devastated.

She was disappointed by the family of her husband when she brought the matter to them. They advised her to leave their son if she doesn’t want to die.

This made her afraid and had to sign the divorce papers and took her kids with her so that they won’t fall into the dreaded plans of her ex-husband family.

Her only option was to go back to her parents which were barely living.

Her father was dead and since she is the only daughter of her mother, her mother had to take her in with the kids.

While with her mother, they all struggled to fed for themselves. Most time the children will get sick and she will have to borrow money to get drugs to make sure they get better.

The little savings she had while with her husband was what she had left and she thought “let me venture into something to sell at least it will fetch me some money for me and my kids until God will open a door for me”.

So, she decided to start selling Okrika clothes for ladies which was an advice given to her by one of her bosom friend.

She got few of the items and decide to keep little remains of the money for emergency purpose.

One day while selling, just a few leg walk from her home; a space was given to her by a new friend she met in the area she lived in.

With her kids around her playing, she patiently waited for customers to patronize her while she got busy with her manageable small techno phone.

She accidentally came across an article on “how to make profit selling what your selling now”.

Definitely that grabbed her attention and she decided to read the whole article to the end. On getting to the end of the article, she had to make the decision of giving out the sum of N7,500 to get a training course that reveals the whole secret process or she is left to her faith.

Different thoughts came to her mind, a serious burden of depression came on her that she had to save the page to come back to it later.

For good seven days she struggled about making a decision that would turn her life around or remain in the predicament she is in.

After-all she said” If I do get the course my life would be better at some point in time during my circumstances or still be at the same position without even trying to make a change”.

Then she went back to the page and made the order from the N11,000 saving she had left.

This was here turning point, but she never new.

For the few days she digested the course and decided to take a step to acting on what she read.

She decided to lend the sum of N10,000 promising to pay back when she makes sales.

After she has gotten the money plus what she had left, she purchase a product know as Rechargeable masserger.

In the above picture, the price of the product is 15 yen that is in China. 

If you calculate it in Nigerian currency, the price of the product will be N855 which is N57 multiply by 15 yen.

She bought 5 pieces and with the importation cost and logistics, it cost her N10,000.

With all the money she had, she import the goods and began following the course.

She moved ahead and put up an advert. The product she bought, she decided to sell each of the product for N20,000.

This was a risk of faith she took.

But to her alt-most surprise, 20 minutes to setting up the ad she got 2 sales. This was a shock to her.

Then after about 2 hours, all her product were sold out. This made her shed tears as she used her cloth to wipe her tears away.

She could not believe it that God had actually open a door for them.

She had 5 of those product and she made N100,000 instantly.

She now went ahead to order more of the products and this brought her N500,000 profit in just 12 days.

With this her life has changed and would never remain the same.

Now she had rented a new apartment, took her mother in and the children.

All this happened just because she decided to take the step outlined in the course.

You too can make a huge profit from eCommerce.

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