5 Step Strategy To Succeeding Online

  1. Look for a problem

This actually means searching for a human need. The pain points of a person you want to focus on.

For example lets say you take a niche such as the health and fitness niche and you analysis the problem associated to that niche that a particular person will be facing.

Now problems associated to such niche could be diabetics, weight loss, fabriod, low ejaculation etc.

These are problems people face in their lives.

Also, problems like marriage, getting the right spouse, having the girl you want, marriage counselling, this are also problems faced by people and this problems are referred in the relationship niche.

So, the first thing to do is for you to look for a problem that is associated to people.

This is where the secret to making money is.

2. Create a solution to that problem

There is one statement I like to say and that is people will always gravitate to where solutions to their problem is.

When you have found a problem which is associated to a person or group of people, the next thing to do is for you to create a solution product which you can actually sell.

Now you may be wondering how do you create a product to sell.

When it comes to making money online, what you need is something to sell and that is a product.

The exact product to sell is what they call information product or digital product in the online business world.

So, the kind of solution product you are to create is an information product in the form of an eBook.

All you need to do is look for solution points and step by step guide to solving the problem you choose and turn it into an eBook which is a readable format for people to download and read when they buy from you.

3. Create a simple website to collect subscribers or customers data.

You can’t make money when there is nobody to buy from you. This is the reason for the one single website page.

This is a page that captures the name and email address of those who are interested in your product.

This is because when you have this data, you are able to sell more and more products to come.

Creating a single website is that easy.

Some people use whatsapp if they are not able to create a website and they make a killing out of it.

So, having a customer base data is important in your business because this are the people that are going to buy from you over and over again.

4. Get this people to see what you are offering.

This is what is called traffic, which means having the right people that are willing to buy your product and see what you are offering.

Since we are dealing with online business, lets say for example you are selling your product for just N3,500 and a total number of 500 visited your website and 200 filled gave you their data. Out of the 200 lets say 50 where interested in your product.

How much do you think you will earn? Do the math.

5. Start Selling

The skill of selling is very important, for without that you can’t make money both online and offline.

So you must be able to sell your product to your customers for you to start making money.

Do you see what am talking about?

If you are able to follow this five simple step strategy, I guarantee you that you will start seeing the result you wish to see.

My first time of putting this strategy to work, I made my first money online.

There is always something about your first income made online. The feeling, the excitement and the joy when you finally discover that you can actually make money online using a simple method.

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