How A Simple 5 Step Formula Turned My Online Business Around


Building a business is not as easy as it thinks.

You ask yourself the question: how do big organisation get to where they are now. Most organisation are worth billions of Naira but if you dig deep into discovering how they become you will be much surprise.

Most of them started from little while some started with nothing. But the secret behind their success is that they started from somewhere. They never waited to have millions and billions, all they had was an idea and that was it.

At the time these big great organisation came to be where they are now there was nothing like the internet or digital presence. Without the use of the internet they became mega.

If you can remember that banks where not using POS, Internet banking, Mobile Apps even USSD codes to make transaction. Now the venturing of the digital world has come into existent that you can make banking transaction just from the comfort of your home without entering a bank.

This has lead to increase revenue for the banking sectors and likewise other bigger organisations.

The digital world has produced millions and billions of Naira for both small and large organisations. Now young CEO’s are emerging because of the internet.

You hear young entrepreneurs telling you how they build their business online just selling information products and physical products online. They have taken advantage use of the internet and even without having a big structure or organisation they are becoming millionaires.

I have researched and studied the way the digital skills works and I too can testify of its benefits, that’s why I will show you how the internet works and how it has made me build my business online.

I will reveal the 5 steps formula that turned my online business using the internet. This has lead me into becoming a 7 figure earner.

Now if you have a laptop and an internet connection, your sitting room can be your office or even your kitchen.

Lets get started.

   1. Find a need or a problem

This is one of the greatest information to get before  venturing into your business online. When you have the knowledge of knowing the problems people are facing and the needs they want to satisfy, you can as well begin building your business.

I once read a book by Aliko Dangote, he said something very interesting in that book and that proofs a point. He said for a business to succeed that business must have in mind the ability to satisfy and provide solution services to their customers, only can a business grow.

If you have a business that provides the necessary solutions and needs people are asking for you are sure that your business will scale through.

Take for example, in the year 2009, there was nothing like phones, iPad, and Android phones. The means of communication to friends and relative abroad was not easy. The only means of communication is through email letters.

A company saw the need for effective and far distance communication was needed for the Nigerian people to communicate around the world. At that time it was only the big men of high calibals that were using what we call then cellular.

You can never see an average Nigerian own a cellular except you are from the elites (Rich) class of people.

MTN, GLO, came to existence and the demand for phones, sim cards where high that these companies overnight made huge profits. What was the secret?

They looked for a need, which was Nigerians need a better means of communication at a fast rate and to a long distant rage between friends and relatives.

That is why it is important that when you want to start a business look for the needs and wants of your customers so that you can provide solution to their problems and this boils down to step 2.

   2. Provide solution to the needs and wants of your customers

I use to always say and tell my students that once you have a solution to the pressing needs and problems of people, no matter what happens they will gravitate towards you.

Every human person on the face of the earth, one way or the other seeks for a solution to the pressing problems they face. So, there is always a market to sell and especially in Nigeria where we love to buy things.

Take for example, the hospitals that are established all round the country, what are they there for. They are there to solve problems. A sick man that does not have a solution by himself to treat himself where is he suppose to go? To the hospital.

A woman who is seriously in labour and about to give birth, where is she suppose to go? To the hospital.

Now there is always a solution to a problem. Lets say there is a young woman suffering from artrities and she is in great pain and she is looking for a solution which she is not able to find after spending so much money on different kinds of treatments and medicine.

And you later find out about her and with your experience you have a solution because you were once in such situation before and you solved your case and also help others to find solution about artrities.

Giving that woman the solution is like you having the key to her problems and definitely she will gravitate towards you and even be willing to pay for your solution or product.

Giving out or selling solution products is one step you take to building your business online and start making money doing what you know best.

   3. Having a customer data base.

What is the secrets to the huge profit of all the big organisations around the world?

The answer is customers.

Why did I say so? Customers are what keeps companies growing and improving in every service they are offering. Without customers who buys the products and services? Is it animals or aliens from outer space. No!

Its me and you that needs their products and services to keep moving and improving ourselves and knowledge on whatsoever we desire to fulfill.

Take for example, there are a lot of people who love Toyota products and to be honest Toyota is a good product.

The company Toyota will always improve in their products and provide good customer service support so that they can keep their customers and increase their customer base.

The Toyota company will surely have a list of well satisfied customer data base that gives them good feedback report and will always come to their company to buy their products. And not only cars but also any other products that is related to Toyota. Why is that?

This is so because Toyota is a big brand and they are trusted companies that is why their customer base will continue to increase and hereby their revenue increases.

This also should apply to your business online.

When building your business online you should always learn to build your customer data base which they call growing your list, build trust between them and also improve your customer service. This is what can actually make you succeed in your online business.

If your business does not have customers coming in, how then do you intend to sell your products and provide the solutions to the problems of your customers.

Therefore always find a way to attract customers to your business and keep them, which leads me to step 4.

   4. Attracting customers to your business.

For every business to grow and make profit is for them to constantly attract customers to their products and services and this is only done through advertisement.

Have you ever wonder the way the big organisations attracts customers to their products?

The big billboard and sign boards you see along the roads when you are going to work in the island or mainland, those are the secret weapons of the big companies. The television and radio adverts you hear and see are the secrets to this companies increase in customers attraction to their companies.

MTN, GLO would advertise the next bonus and service that will pop up and with so many bonus gifts they entice customers to sign up or to migrate to that service offering them a low call rates and high data browsing so that they can increase their customers and thereby increase their revenue.

For you to start attracting customers to your website you need to advertise your product and services and you do that through the internet.

The best way to advertise your products is through social media such as facebook, instagram, blogs, twitter and social media platforms. With this you can attract more customers to your business because that is where they are hang out now.

So, putting your service on the social media platform can increase your customer data base and also make you start making money online.

   5. Start selling and make money online

Selling is the key to increase revenue.

Anyone willing to succeed in his business both online and offline must have the skills of selling. With this skills you will be able to drive in a lot of sales for your business and you beginning making money.

The art of selling is very vital. Successful organisation spend millions of Naira to train their staff to learn the importance of selling so that they can be able to increase the profit derived from selling products they have.

When you are venturing into your business online make sure you have the art of selling so that whatsoever product you think you want to sell, either physical or digital product, you can be good at it and you can possible increase your customer data base, your business presence, your sales and also make huge profits.

If you really want to learn how you can go about setting up your online business and becoming one of the young CEO’s that are emerging and also you want to be making money online, you can sign up for my free eBook.

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